Facility Rentals

Booking Terms and Conditions:

Insurance/Liability: It is a condition of participation in any recreational activity by the Town of Okotoks and/or Natural High Fitness that the participant does so at his/her sole risk and the Town of Okotoks, its agents and employees are not liable in the case of loss, damage, injury or ambulance/health care services/costs resulting from or in connection with such participation. The Town of Okotoks does not provide the Licensee with any liability or personal injury insurance. It is highly recommended that the Licensee carry his or her own insurance policy and have signed waivers or consent forms.

Cancellation Policy: Facility Rentals - Facility users must submit notice of cancellation of a rental time(s) to Community Services in writing or by email 10 days in advance of the rental. If a rental is cancelled with more than 10 days notice, a $20 administration fee will be applied to the users refund or credit. If the cancellation is received with less than 10 days notice, no refund or credit will be issued.