Arena Schedule

Welcome to Our Arenas!

Whether you're looking to hit the ice or enjoy some dry pad activities, we've got something for everyone. From shinny and skating to ball hockey and rollerblading, our arena offers a variety of activities for all ages and skill levels. Check out our weekly schedule below and join us for some fun and exercise!

CSA approved helmets are mandatory for skaters/non skaters during all ice arena activities.

Private Instruction During Public Drop-In  Public drop-in is intented for recreational use and any external personal or group training/coaching must follow these guidelines:

  • Unpaid instruction cannot exceed an instructor to student ratio of 1 to 2.
  • If the instructor is hired for a fee, a private rental is required.

Please select the activity title to review the activity details or for additional activity specific guidelines.

Please note, schedules are subject to change.