Annual Passes

The following conditions apply to All-Facility Pass Holders.
By purchasing your pass, you agree to abide by the following:

  1. Facility passes include access to Natural High Fitness, the aquatic centre, gymnasium and arenas. Pass prices do not include registered programs, babysitting, concession, private leased areas and/or special events. Facility policies regarding age minimums are in effect. Please see Client Services for further information.
  2. Use of the facility is subject to availability. The Okotoks Recreation Centre has planned & emergency maintenance periods every year which extend for varying periods of time depending on work to be done. Reduced schedules and activities may occur in some areas while others are closed completely. The shutdowns are built into the price of the pass and no refund or extensions will be given. Upcoming shutdown details will be advertised and posted in advance to minimize the impact of your enjoyment of the facility, however, these changes may occur with little or no notice. Reasons the facilities may not be available are private rentals, special events, bookings, programs, area maximums or changes in facility schedules.
  3. Pass cards must be presented at the time of admission. Loss or theft of a pass card should be reported to Client Services immediately. Replacement cards will be issued at a charge of $5.00 each.
  4. The Town of Okotoks and/or Natural High Fitness reserve the right to revoke any passes and/or privileges associated with the pass in the event of non-compliance with facility rules and regulations or inappropriate or abusive behaviour.
  5. It is a condition of participation in any recreational activity at the Okotoks Recreation Centre that the participant does so at his/her sole risk and the Town of Okotoks, Natural High Fitness, its agents and employees are not liable in the case of property loss, damage, personal injury or ambulance/health care services/costs resulting from or in connection with such participation.
  6. Can be suspended or refunded for medical or relocation reasons only. A medical note or documentation providing proof of relocation from the area must be presented to Client Services. The pass suspension or refund will be effective from the date of the medical note or documentation.
  7. Annual passes are not transferable.
  8. - Cancellation Policy and Procedures: 30 days must be remaining on a pass at the time of withdrawal. A Facility Pass Withdrawal Form must be submitted by the 1st of each month. Withdrawals will be processed on the 15th of the month, a fee of $25.00 for individual passes and $50.00 for family passes plus any pro-rated amount will be applied to your account and will be subject to finance charges. Facility pass refunds for medical reasons require a medical note to be submitted to Client Services. Refunds will be pro-rated and effective from the date of the medical note without penalty.
  9. Can be suspended once in the duration of the pass up to a maximum of 90 days for any reason. Payment plans will continue
  10. Non payment of scheduled fees will result in immediate suspension of facility pass. Two consecutive missed payments will result in your pass being withdrawn and appropriate fees being applied
  11. The pass holder is responsible for the entire cost of the pass regardless of any changes in living arrangements or finances. NSF cheques and declined credit card payments will result in immediate suspension of privileges. An NSF charge will be applied to the account.